Diet & Perseverance – Day 4 (eating a little more)

So I’m at day 4 and it’s starting to get tough raking up ideas on how to make food tasty. Currently the muse will be marinated chicken breast prepared in the oven. I wrap them in aluminium foil to prevent the moisture from escaping, if the timing is just right you get really tender meat.

Taking in some good fats, in the form of avocado and been taking more greens. Trying to get more sleep and spend less time in front of this screen so the updates may be a little delayed. I slept from 9pm last night and I’m not sure if I do feel any more refreshed. But my thoughts seem to start to be more coherent at the moment.

So here is what I had for day 4 of my diet.


photo 1

An apple and unsweetened soya bean milk (the apple is quite sour, not sure why) – Perhaps I should also get back to honey and apple cider in the morning think it helps in my digestion.


photo 2

Baby spinach, broccoli salad, avocado, egg, stir fried mushrooms and chicken breast for lunch. I think this is quite nutritious and its rather filling, I just need to tell myself that I do not need food after my meals.

Dinner was a spoonful of cooked brown rice, some stewed pork, 2 eggs, chicken breast.

Fingers crossed that I can make the weight loss successful. Fighting!!


Diet and finding it hard – Day 3 (D-Day + 2)

Ok, woke up later than I wanted, did not sleep that well last night, woke up with a headache. My mom made me some fruit and vege concoction this morning, gulped it down and headed for work. Must remember to finish my cold brew!

Breakfast – about 150 cal


Apple Jacks and Unsweetened Soy Bean Milk for breakfast again



Rocket leaves, toasted chicken breast and stir fried mushrooms + Lemon Water

Diet Sequel Part 2 – Day 2 (D-Day + 1)

This is day 2 of my I dunno how long diet, got up at 7:30 AM this morning so no time for me to pump some weights, studying music is tough, need to put in some more time to remember all the progressions and how they all work out. Music is like maths, you need to keep doing it to get better and to understanding it needs a whole new level of intelligence.

I’m thinking cereal this morning in the office will update when I have the picture of what I am eating. Trying to keep to a 1000 calorie day, I’m sure I can do it, lets go!

Day 2 – Breakfast

Apple Jacks Unsweetened Soya Bean Milk

Apple Jacks, Unsweetened Soya Bean Milk

Oh and an Apple for lunch at the moment, think I’ll go grab myself a cuppa coffee.



Stir-fried portobello mushroom + golden mushrooms, rocket leaves, avocado, scrambled eggs on toast

Ok so the day ended on a good note, still eating a little healthier than I used to. My leg is acting up and my left leg has this constant aching. I’m not sure why, I’m praying that it’ll go away after a while. Going for IPT tomorrow, fingers cross to get out by end of the month.

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at AM 10.02.18

Still not walking enough.

Diet Starts Today – Day 1 (The Start)

Today I’m starting my diet and I’m going to track my progress to see how far I have come in 30 days or perhaps longer.

I want to try to hit my ideal weight of 70 – 80 KG in by year end. I’ll update this post soon, with pics of what I ate today, say this is a journal entry to help me keep track and not side track. Wish me all the best, start of diet day one.

Day 1 – Lunch

photo (1)

1 Peach, 1 Apple, Unsweetened Sobe Soya Bean Milk, 1 Cup Lemon Water

So far so good, feeling rather full, eat slowly and chew, enjoy the flavors, sweetness, sourness. Going to catch a movie later, I wonder what would be something I can snack on during the movie, or perhaps I should just skip it altogether. I forgot my water bottle today. Well all in good, keep it up and I’m sure I’m on target to get slimmer.

Day 1 – Dinner or so to speak

Cinema Food


1 x hot dog with bun, some mustard and chilli sauce, 1 x coke light, handful of pop corn, 1 cuppa americano at Starbucks

I felt so hungry at dinner, I just needed some nourishment, so I took a hotdog bun and some coke light for dinner, had some pop corn too. A little cheating here but I think total intake for the day should not have exceeded 1500 calories. It has been a busy day so not enough steps for the day as well. Hope I can improve a little more tomorrow, perhaps start the day with some push ups and pumping the biceps with the 10Kg dumb bell.


Ironman 3 – Inspiring & refreshing

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Just caught Ironman 3 today, yes I was very late to watch the movie. So I was in Taiwan doing my ICT and I was suppose to catch the movie but due to some unforeseen circumstances I missed the movie. So today I did my first, watch the movie alone. After all the mixed reviews on the movie, I was quite surprised when watching the movie as I thought it was really great.

Kudos to the marketing team for Ironman 3, I think the problem is how the trailers marketed the movie, I guess we were expecting all the action and not to better understand Tony Stark. In the movie I felt a different side to the character Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), it showed Ironman as being human and the vulnerabilities he had to face in life. It brought about a different flavour to the Ironman franchise, apart from fighting an evil villain, you see him fear, you see him depend on himself and his ingenuity instead of just relying on the suit.

One thing that disappointed me though is the Mandarin. The guy looked really legut but when he turned out to only be an actor for the real Mandarin, it was a nice touch, scheming and all but it was a real let down. I thought it could have been some super villain, but it was not to be and I think it spoiled the story for many fans. Ben Kingsley did a great job though in performing both roles.

I loved the show for letting me see Tony in his most vulnerable state and only through pure wit and luck he got through the fight. I learnt that only when you destroy what you have build to protect yourself and the ones you love can you evolve and create something even better for yourself and those you love. Till I post again, hope you enjoyed the movie as much as I did.


HTC One X+ and my impressions

So I’ve got loaned the HTC One X Plus and yeah it’s been quite a nice phone to use for the past 2 weeks. My first engagement with the Android platform was when I got myself a HTC Hero. This little guy was running Android 1.5 stock, as as usual being the “adventurous” sort I rooted the fella to install the newer roms onto the phone and tried to make it more friendly. The processor at that time was very much slower as compared to the new HTC One X+, and yes it was a pain to use. Since then I have not looked at the Android platform for a while because there were too many things to sort out and configure to make it friendly enough for me to use. By the term “friendly” I mean fast enough, and piping in that data I need on the home screen. So Starhub and HTC teamed up to get 50 of us to test out the HTC One X+ and yup I’m in the running to own a set for myself. So I figured, I would write a little about it, since my friends usually do look to me for advise when it comes to such stuff. I’ll try to be as honest as possible here with regards to the HTC One X+, no secret too I have the iPhone 5 with me so I may do some comparisons here and there on the two handset.

Contents & Phone

Out of the box the HTC One X+ does not come with a battery! The body is clammed shut and the only access point is a sim card tray that pops out at the top left hand side of the phone. So the battery is built in, packs 2100mAH and the only way to get more juice into this phone is via a portable charger. It is a no no to lugging a spare battery cause I probably need to crack open the pretty white shell to change the battery (If that is even possible in the first place without any technical knowhow). Apart from a seamless handset, I was provided with a charger charging at 1 AMP, micro USB cable and headsets. Also in the “egg carton” there are various warranty information and manuals.


There is also no way to expand the built in memory, perhaps I can store some stuff on cloud but other than that no access slots for micro SD cards. However the 64GB is more than enough for me to use.


Setting up the phone is a breeze with the instructions provided, I can transfer from a previous handset orI just used google to get back all my contacts, calendars and emails. Yeah although Google would “read” my emails but I think it’s a great convenience to have when my phone is ready to “work” in just minutes. I was also presented with the ability to add in many social networking accounts that integrate seamlessly with the phone, so it was easy for me to share my images, status, videos and locations easily to the many social networks we engage in today.

One thing I like about the HTC One X+ is the online setup, where you can configure your phone on a webpage. Who does not find it a pain to type on the screen of the mobile phone. This webpage will let you setup various accounts such as drop box, exchange, yahoo etc. and save these settings on their servers (think of it as a storage cloud, cloud computing being the buzz word these days). After which a few default settings can be selected, it will “change” your phone for gaming, social media, work etc. After you have done all these settings, you just need to go to your phone, and go through the setup process. All these saved information is transfered to your phone and viola, you have a phone that is customized to your preferences. I believe if I change to a newer HTC android model in the future, all these settings will be preserved and I can get up and running really quickly without much hassel.


Media is something that us commuters love and use everyday. Be it in the car, on the way to work or just relaxing. The HTC One X+ is great in this aspect with the large LCD screen that gives us a large enough landscape to playback HD movies and bright enough to brave the sun when relaxing outdoors. The HTC One X+ supports a wide variety of media, this includes my favorite lossless format for music, FLAC. It is supported by the native player. However I needed some assistance to get the files over via Android File Transfer, but once the files were loaded into the phone it played flawlessly and it sounded really good.

The way the default player handles my media is also a plus, I like the layout how it supports downloading of album art from gracenotes. It also integrates with soundhound to get me the information about the track I’m playing. Rather impressive functions that are simple but very useful for me.

One thing to note is that how they have designed the circuitry to prevent static when listening. Try this by turning off your music and putting the volume to the highest. I did not note any static or noise from my Triple Fi which can pick up such nuances. The beats audio system is great, giving a bass boost to the music and really great to bass thumping tracks, especially when you need to just shut yourself out to work. But it sounds just as good with beats audio turned off.

How about video playback? The system supports MP4 out of the box but MKV requires an external software to be installed (I use MX Player). Thanks to the quad core Tegra 3 processor, MX player is able to support MKV and 1080P videos without a hitch.


The HTC One X+ has a great camera and thanks to the powerful processor, the camera has extended functionality such as 99 continuous shot and capturing images while taking a video.

BSI is a technology to ensure that more light gets onto the CMOS sensor because to put things simply, cameras need more light to get that nice picture for you and if your sensor is able to do a better job at that you get better pictures. The BSI sensor moves wires that were previous in front of the CMOS sensor to the the back of the sensor allowing more light to hit the sensors letting you take better shots even in low light conditions. HTC has included this technology on the One X+ even for the front facing camera so that portrait shots are just as great even in low light conditions (note that BSI sensors are generally a little more expensive than the standard CMOS sensors).

Apart from having BSI sensors for the front facing cam, there are little conveniences built into the photo capture system. One amazing function is the 99 continuous shot capability, 99 shots at 4 frames per second allowing me to capture great moments. What this does is allow me to take a burst of images and choose the best one or for a little fun animate the images for some GIF fun. This is especially useful when covering high speed events, capture that candid moment or perhaps even get your little niece to smile and look at your camera.

The other camera feature of the system is the ability to capture images while shooting a video, so when I’m filming something important I can also get the video in images, reducing the time needed in post processing. I just have to copy the images over to my computer and I’m done. Ready to make a blog post or send it to friends.


The HTC One X+ has a wonderfully lit display and is bright even is harsh lighting conditions. I also love the size of the screen, it is definitely feels odd down sizing the screen now on my iPhone 5. Apart from size and brightness, the screen also has great color reproduction and is great for videos on the go.

It’s also hardened with Gorilla Glass, I think the screen maybe more hardy than the body, so I went out to get a case for the loan phone. But it still looks as bright and vibrant even after 2 weeks of “naked” use.


The phone is definitely a keeper and it has wonderful software integration for my social media needs. I guess I will recommend this phone for it’s screen, multimedia capabilities, camera and multimedia capabilities. Give Android some time and the software will be more close knitted with the hardware. I think it will only get better from this point. So year if you wish go grab a HTC One X+ I give it the thumbs up and worthy phone to consider.

David Choi – By My Side

Say hello to the latest video by Wong Fu Productions. They this video for David Choi, a talented musician and song writer. Love this song even as it brings out what I feel about life at the moment. This is worth a listen so just chill a little and enjoy the song.

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

One Effing Year

Lot of things happened during this period and I’ve not been posting anything on this site, perhaps I need to reorganise my life a little so that I know what the heck I intend to blog about.

I’ve pretty much left the Anime scene and the boxes of collectables are stacking up in my cupboard taking up precious space.

I’ve also just exited a long relationship and well I’m not sure if this is for the better or worse but well I guess I really need to move on in my life.

So with this effing post I shall declare that I will start on publishing more information for those who actually read my blog.

So here is to the loves of my life and to those who love me in return, I’m gonna make the best of the year.

The end of one, starts another

End of one term of API, this round I have already handed in all I have to hand in, all the Book Reviews, the Paper, etc. It has been a fulfilling 10 weeks of needless discipline and training. Well at least I think I have grown, a little in the Lord this semester.

Just wanna thank those in my class who have been really supportive and always so encouraging to me. I apologize for being rather bad in preparing for the group presentations, think too much already so end up always late. Lets have a good dinner tomorrow and enjoy each the company of one another.

New term starting so it’s time to let go of the relaxing spirit and piah again, this round I’m taking Evangelism and I’m praying that I’ll be able to do my best.